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Recreational use is good, friendly staff. Once they settle in the few issues I ran across will be settled, double check your product if they don't. Soon enough using points will be a breeze but I was the first one for points and not getting all product ordered which they resolved right away.

thumb Ryan MacKinnon
March 9, 2023

I went on opening day … they’re wonderful in there… finally a recreational dispensary nearby..!👍 good products and very friendly staff

thumb Bryan Shewan
March 2, 2023

Went there on opening day for adult use and was actually excited to be a part of a special event not just for CT but Litchfield county as a whole. The new location is nice, updated and has a semi decent selection for you to choose from. The staff was friendly and very welcoming. I myself, along with the others who were waiting to enter were talking amongst each other and we all thought that since it’s their first opening day and we are all the first group of their many customers maybe they’ll do some sort of giveaways etc. which isn’t uncommon for most business to do on an opening day ceremony. They gave nothing. Not a lighter, no matches, not even a plastic grinder. Just charged you for your product and sent you on your way. When you go across the way into GB MA there is one dispensary there that will give you a free grinder or matches whenever you go. Now let’s talk about the prices. The lowest you’ll find is $40/3.5 and sometimes even $60/3.5. Again go across the border into GB MA and you’ll sometimes find name brand, great genetically grown flower for $25/3.5. What you will pay almost $200 for at stillriver you can get for almost half that in GB. So in conclusion convenient location? Yes but for the price, quality etc I don’t think it’s enough to entirely detour me from going to GB and I think many will feel the same after going to stillrivers new adult use complex.

thumb Brian Davidson
March 2, 2023

Horrible people service CT laws state that you can go to any dispensary in the state of CT there for they should’ve a system knowing your remaining amount regardless of what dispensary you choose to go to but they don’t go figure

thumb Edward Serrano
February 23, 2023

Always a great experience!

thumb Joe Onorato
February 9, 2023