Patient and Caregiver Support

Still River Wellness will provide educational materials to patients and caregivers to ensure safe use of medication; understanding of legal rights and limitations; support overcoming social stigma; and prevention of substance abuse, addiction, and diversion. Patients will sign a form confirming they have received a patient starter kit. This kit will include a legal guide, self-assessment forms, abuse/addiction/diversion prevention plan, substance abuse program resources, and other printed educational materials. They will also have access to communication tools to use with family and peers and disease state information. Still River Wellness will host forums where patients and caregivers who have designated Still River Wellness as their dispensary can engage in dialogue and establish support systems.

Information Guide for Patients and Caregivers

Still River Wellness | Medical & Adult-use Cannabis Dispensary


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Still River Wellness | Medical & Adult-use Cannabis Dispensary

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