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How to Register

Registration Assistance

Still River Wellness will assist registered patients with any and all questions and concerns regarding their current program and dispensary registrations as well as any and all applicable state laws and requirements.

Step 1 – Find a Qualifying Medical Marijuana recommender and make an appt.

Make an Appointment with Your Physician: Only your physician can initiate your application by certifying for the Department that you have a medical condition that qualifies you for a medical marijuana registration certificate.

If your physician decides to certify you for a medical marijuana registration certificate, he or she will ask you for several things including:

A valid e-mail address: This should be an email address that you are comfortable using in connection with your medical marijuana registration, as it will be the primary method the Department will use to communicate with you.

A primary telephone number: This should be a personal telephone number that the Department can use to contact you about your medical marijuana registration.

Step 2 – Create a DAS Account

Note: Make sure you have been certified by your physician BEFORE beginning the registration process. Register online at:  Follow all prompts and instructions during the process to ensure successful account creation and verification. After completing this one-time registration process and verifying your account via e-mail, you can log in and begin registration.

Step 3 – Designate Still River Wellness as your dispensary

Step 4 – Submit your application to the Department of Consumer Protection

You will need…Proof of Identity, Proof of Residency, $100 License Fee

*Remember to choose “I am the patient” or “I am the caregiver” in the application.

If you are planning to have a caretaker or are a patient’s caregiver, please see these additional directions.

Based on the patient’s medical condition, the physician can authorize a caregiver, if needed. Patients must complete the caregiver information and include a valid e-mail address for the caregiver to be able to complete their portion of the application.

The caregiver must:

  • Manage the well-being of a registered patient with respect to their palliative use of marijuana
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • Not be the patient’s physician
  • Be responsible for only one (1) patient unless there is a parental, guardianship, conservatorship or sibling relationship with each patient.
  • Be a parent, guardian or legal custodian where the adult patient lacks legal capacity

Step 5 – Book an appointment at Still River Wellness once you have received your paperwork from the DCP

Step 6 – Print the self-assessment forms and bring them to your appointment.

We will provide self-assessment forms at the dispensary as well for your convenience.

Still River Wellness | Medical & Adult-use Cannabis Dispensary


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Still River Wellness | Medical & Adult-use Cannabis Dispensary

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