Still River Wellness | Medical & Adult-use Cannabis Dispensary

Counseling and Consultation

The Still River Wellness dispensary facility is equipped with patient counseling rooms where pharmacists will speak with first time registered patients and caregivers to discuss their indications with them and how medical marijuana may benefit them. Areas of discussion will include brands and forms of marijuana products, dosing and routes of administration, side effects and contraindications, as well as a patient counseling document that they can bring to their recommending practitioner. Patients and caregivers will also be given Patient Information Kits which include written instructions regarding each product, its use, form, contraindications, etc.

Counseling sessions aim to provide clarity with regard to introductory, adherence and drug interactions or concerns. The pharmacist shall offer and make every effort to provide counseling or consultation to every new patient, as well as caregivers and patients that have undergone a prescription change. If the patient or caregiver chooses to decline consultation the pharmacist shall make note of the refusal by way of patient signature.

Still River Wellness will document patients’ feedback regarding their experience, side-effects, and symptoms upon commencement of new patient / caregiver registration and will continue to provide counseling, documenting and monitoring patient’s effects and level of symptom relief and what was recommended by their practitioner accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Translation services will be available as needed.

Still River Wellness | Medical & Adult-use Cannabis Dispensary


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Still River Wellness | Medical & Adult-use Cannabis Dispensary

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